Swap body


Swap body

Intermodal provides sea, land and railway integrated, fast, enviromentally friendly and cost effective transportation.

Kässbohrer offers widest product range with innovative products in Europe to meet the demands of its customers in 55 countries.

For intermodal solutions Kässbohrer has been providing Huckepack Semi-Trailers and Light Container Chassis for ten years.

Today, Kässbohrer adds a new product type into its product range; K.SWAU Intermodal Swap Body.

In Kässbohrer`s awarded R&D center that provides innovative solutions and qualified engineering services, Swap Body is produced as 2 types of vehicles; Curtainsider Swap Body K. SWAU C and Aluminum Box Swap Body K.SWAU B.

All goods with pallets, garment, glass, electronic devices, automotive and chemical goods can be carried by Kässbohrer Intermodal Swap Body vehicles.

Momentan, nu avem produse în această categorie.