Light Gooseneck Fixed Container Chassis

K.SHG L / 45 - 15 / 27

Light Gooseneck Fixed Container Chassis


  • Fifth Wheel Height (H5)1.100 mm
  • Gooseneck (NH)130 mm
  • Wheelbase (WB)7.480 mm
  • External Length (L)13.340 mm
  • Tare Weight ±%33.940 kg



  • ChassisMade of high quality and high strength S700 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726-2 and ISO 1726; made of two welded longitudinal beams in "I" form with cross beams at needed distances. Chassis has 2 king pin position. Reinforced with KTL protection with Kässbohrer expertise.
  • Brake SystemDual circuit electro-pneumatic Wabco brand EBS 2S/2M brake system with anti-lock (ABS) and tilt control system (RSS) in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R13
  • Tyre Size385/55 R22.5
  • AxlesBPW air suspension and disc brake axle with 3 x 9 ton capacity
  • Electric SystemAspöck Europoint III lightning installation with 24V LED side position lamp and 2 x 7 and 1 x 15 pin sockets, in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R48 and ADR Legislation
  • Container LocksEquipped with 2 x 2 container locks suitable for carrying 1 x 45 ft HC LT container(HC containers are above the permissible height for 1150 mm and higher 5th wheel heights)



  • King Pin Capacity15.000 kg
  • Axle Load27.000 kg
  • Gross Weight42.000 kg